Fleet Captain: Pete Townend

The RS Aero fleet is the newest and fastest growing fleet at Chelmarsh Sailing Club and is the only twenty first century racing dinghy. The dinghy has been more than three years in design and development by Racing Sailboats, the worlds’ largest builder of racing sailboats, and is one of the most technically advanced dinghies in the world. The spars are carbon fibre, as is much of the hull which is also constructed from foam and epoxy resin. This results an ultra-light, but stiff hull of just 30 kilos: less than half the weight of a conventional dinghy and five kilos lighter than the junior racing dinghy the Optimist! This light weight results in rapid acceleration and early planning. This is an exciting boat to sail. You really notice the difference of weight when you can easily pull the boat up the beach after a day’s racing!

Because the boat is so light the days of the road trailer are gone. The boat and aluminium launching trolley can easily be lifted on the roof of a family car. Two boats can be stacked on a car and comply with road traffic legislation.

Great attention to detail has been made to fitting out the boat to ensure ease of sailing. You will notice many fittings are specifically designed for the RS Aero and are innovative and unique, to improve sailing pleasure. Three rigs are available the 5, the 7 and the 9, so the power of the rig can be matched to the helms weight and ability. This means that one family can just have one boat from Junior to adult by changing the rigs.  The perfect family boat.

A feature of controlling the power of the boat is the vang or kicker which bends the carbon fibre mast easily controlling leach tension so effecting power and heal. The Cunningham and outhaul have a dramatic effect on controlling power and heal as well. This boat has a number of gears which really work to make the boat manageable over a wide range of winds. The centre board can be raised to promoted accelerate, planning off and down wind. In strong winds when beating the centre board can be raised to prevent the boat tripping, to enhance balance and speed. Sailing free and fast up wind is going to be an important tactic especially on the sea in waves.

This innovative boat is the talk of the world’s racing dinghy sailors. Make certain you do not miss out! The fun should not be missed! Join us and have a smile on your face!

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