CSC - GP14s

Fleet Captain: John Toone

This versatile dinghy is caters for everybody's tastes and ages; a boat for all seasons: for cruising or for competitive racing, for instruction and for families. A much respected dinghy with a well proved history since its inception in 1949. Latterly it has been updated to face the demands of the 21st century with the use of modern materials and streamlined for high performance inland or sea sailing.

It is an exceptionally stable 14 foot dinghy, idea for the beginner or advanced sailor. It can be sailed single handedly but usually with a complement of 2, and still room for a small family. A favourite of many sailors providing the class with a strong loyalty base.

The GP14 has been used extensively both for leisure and racing and is the recognised dinghy for adult instruction here at Chelmarsh and throughout many sailing clubs around the world. A highly regarded testimony to its calibre and safety. It is at home on inland waters as it is on the sea.

GP14 Logo


The joy of seeing the spinnakers in full flight on a GP14 race

The support for the GP14 through its GP14 Class International Association is worldwide and is well recognised by boat builders, repairers, sail makers and chandlers nationwide which is ideal for the professional support required by a high performance racing dinghy through to the DIY leisure sailing enthusiast.

It’s a fabulous sight to see all the kites flying on our fleet of GP14s…