Fleet Captains: Steve Taylor.

This single handed boat, can be sailed by all ages and levels from beginner to world class sailors.  It is a great boat to 'grow with' as your sailing develops, as the size of the sail can be changed as your sailing improves. The smallest sail is a 4.7 which is the ideal size for younger sailors advancing from Picos and Toppers. It is also a ‘safer’ sail for those windier days giving more control and fewer capsizes!  The next size up is the Radial sail, which is often used by lady sailors as well as lighter weight youths. The main size of sail used by Laser sailors around the world is the ‘Full Rig’ (also known as the Standard sail).

Chelmarsh sailors use all 3 sails meaning there is always someone of your own level to sail with. There are club Lasers available with each of the different sized rigs available for hire by members.  Sailing takes place throughout the year, and on a variety of days each week.

We have been particularly lucky in the past with some of our members supporting the fleet: 13 times World Champion and Asian Pacific Champion Keith Wilkins, has only recently moved on from this class to sail something larger in warmer climes.

Members of the Laser fleet also take part in the annual Sailing Club away event, ‘Aberdovey weekend’ in May as well as the Bala Long Distance race, the RNLI charity race, the Abersoch Dinghy Week.  The fleet also takes part in Laser specific events such as Opens, National and International events throughout the year. The Laser fleet welcomes new members to join in with their activities so why not make contact?

Hiking out in a Laser Radial

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