Fleet Captain: Tracey Hanan

The Solo fleet at Chelmarsh is a growing and well established fleet with a strong racing pedigree. We are also a friendly bunch and are very keen to welcome new members whether it be to sail competitively or to simply get out and have fun on the water. We have a mix of abilities sailing on a regular basis, from those who finish in the top flight at open meetings, to those who have just started sailing. There is always someone to either race or sail alongside. If you are looking for a lively single hander, with a comfortable sailing position you could do worse than consider a solo. A club Solo is also available for members who wish to give this great boat a try and visitors are always welcome.

The Solo is a classic amongst one design single handers. It was designed in 1955 by Jack Holt who also designed the GP14, Enterprise and Mirror dinghies. The hull is 3.78 metres long and is hard chine (flat sections with pointy corners) originally designed for home building in marine ply. Nowadays they are usually built from epoxy foam sandwich which is light, rugged and long lasting. Some 10 year old boats are still at the top of the results tables. There is one fully battened sail so there is a minimum of ropes to pull. The rig is however fully adjustable for wind strength and weight of the helm and responds to tuning. It is a rewarding racing boat.

Solos in action

The Solo is supported by an active class association and an extensive open meeting and annual championship calendar. The National Solo Class Association website holds full details of events and is also a very good place to start if you are looking for a second hand solo or advice on set up and tuning. In addition there are a range of boats sailed at the club and some very knowledgeable members who are always happy to give you advice and assistance should you need it.

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Solo’s enjoying the breeze