OWS in actionChelmarsh’s most recent addition to its water activities.

Swimming was introduced at Chelmarsh in 2021 the emphasis has always been on safety and ensuring members can enjoy our wonderful reservoir and our great facilities. Our swim lead is Charlotte Hewer.

A recent posting on Facebook by the NOWCA quotes:

The reservoir is a stunning piece of water filled from the River Severn and used for drinking water.  A wide range of facilities are available, including onsite parking, a club house and much more!

Morning Swims

There are swim sessions on Saturday mornings between 07:30 and 09:00. All swim sessions must be pre booked using actio (see below).

Evening Swims

There is an evening swim session on Thursdays between 17:00 and 19:00.  Again, all swim sessions must be pre booked using actio.

All swimmers must be members of NOWCA this provides us an excellent safety system with all swimmers wearing wrist bands and logging into and out of the water (much like park run). NOWCA membership is annual.

Any NOWCA member can book swims at Chelmarsh and there is a swim fee. We offer Chelmarsh memberships, which include sailing, SUP or just swim. All Chelmarsh members have free swimming at Chelmarsh (but all swims must be pre booked).

The club is volunteer run, we are a club not a commercial venue and the club is not for profit. We welcome any offers of help and support. Safety cover and admin for every swim session is provided by the club and we would be happy to train you in these roles.  

There are a few basic rules:



How to Link your ACTiO and Chelmarsh Accounts

Swimmer club membership request.

Yyou have to do this as we cannot access your NOWCA acouunt. This is where you register as a member of Chelmarsh Swim and then can be linked which will open up discounted swims at Chelmarsh for you as a booking option, we do need to confirm membership of Chelmarsh but usually do this within 24 Hours.

Login to your NOWCA account online https://nowca.org

Our detailed OWS detail and Risk Registers can be found here:

www.chelmarshsailing.org.uk/2020 OWS SOP.pdf

www.chelmarshsailing.org.uk/2020 Risk assessment - OWS.pdf

Membership detail for NOWCA is here:


Please ensure you note Chelmarsh as your home club

Membership detail for Chelmarsh can be found here:



What do I do with my car keys whilst swimming?

Car Keys can be left (at your own risk) in a box under the notice board at swim entry control point.

Can I hire a tow float?

We have some tow floats which can be hired for £3 and some can be purchased.

Where do I get a replacement band from?

Replacement Bands cost £5, or we can loan a band for £2.

Many thanks for your interest and support in Chelmarsh Swim and we look forward to seeing you at Chelmarsh.

Open Water Swimming

Join us for an early morning swim

A successful morning’s swim completed by members

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