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To ensure that you have all the information you need to be not only safe but aware of procedures and rules pertaining to the club, these can be downloaded here.  In addition information such as duties and training dates can also be accessed.  

Information about the club’s rules and policies for COVID-19 are in the initial pink section.  

This document provides the declaration format.

Click on a link to download a pdf of the information you require. You can find information for:





DOwnload Club House Re-opening Procedure

Club House Re-Opening


Information on how to be safe and begin to access club house facilities, including changing rooms and bar.

Download Risk Assessment COVID-19

Risk assessment COVID-19


Detailed risk assessment and control measures to reduce risk tailored for the COVID-19 climate.  Updated July 2021

Download Sail Training

RYA Sailing Training

Details on how to remain COVID-19 safe and learn to sail.  Updated May 2021

Download Training Operations

Training Operations

Details for Instructors delivering training.  Updated May 2021

Download CO Checklist

CO Checklist

Compliance Officer Checklist to aid those in this role and their duties and responsibilities

Download Racing in COVID-19

Racing COVID-19

Information how how racing will start to resume at the Club

Download safety information

Safety on the Water COVID-19

An update policy on buddy sailing in the COVID-19 climate

Download sup REOPENING

Pursuit start times

Start times for pursuit races for 2020

Download Leisure Sailing Information

Leisure/Social Sailing

Information on how CSC will manage Leisure Sailing and how you can start sailing again.

Radio Controlled Sailing

Radio Controlled Sailing COVID-19

Procedure for sailing radio controlled boats on the reservoir

Radio Restart to sailing and SUP including delcarations

Start Up COVID-19

Original information and the declarations to be used for sailing and SUP

Download sup REOPENING

SUP Start up during COVID-19

Find out more about to be safe as the club starts up again, during SUPping. Updated May 2021

Download of COVID-19 Checklist

COVID-19 Secure Checklist

Ensure that CSC is ready to accept members on site in our checklist.

Download phased reopening

Phased Re-Opening of CSC

Information on how to stay safe when attending the club.


Training dates

List of training opportunities and dates from learning to sail and SUP to power boat courses (2022 dates to follow but check out Webcollect for upcoming opportunities)


Download hire information

Club Hire

General information and instruction on hiring boats and boats including where sails are kept and how to pay via webcollect.

Download Rules

Club Rules

Latest 2020 12 Rules amended at AGM

Download Development Plan

Development Plan Update (2021)

Find out how our Development Plan has helped our Club grow

Updated Sept 21

Download emergency procedures

Emergency Procedures

A flow chart of information in case of an emergency, such as a fire or a sailing accident.

Download Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information on how we keep your details safe.

Download Propsectus

Prospectus (2021)

About the club, links and what we do.

Download Risk Assessments On the Water

Risk Assessment for club activities: On the Water

Detailed risk assessment and control measures to reduce risk whilst on the water.  Updated Aug 2020.

Download Risk Assessments Off the Water

Risk Assessment for club activities: Off the Water

Detailed risk assessment and control measures to reduce risk when off the water. Updated Aug 2020.

Download of SUP FAQ

Safety on the Water

Information to ensure that sailing is always within the Clubs’s rules safe

Download of SUP FAQ

Safeguarding adults

Our policy on ensuring adults are safeguarding when with us.

Download of SUP FAQ

Safetguarding & Child Protection

Information on how we ensure the safety, safeguarding and protection of children whilst with us.


Download of handicap starting

Class Handicap Starting

Guide to starting a handicap/class race including timings

Download of handicap finishing

Class Handicap Finishing

Guide to finishing a handicap/class race

Download of handicap racing and timings

Class/Handicap Racing Groups & Timings

Classes of boat in each handicap/class for this type of racing

Download of flags

Flags and their Uses

Information different flags other than those used for starting and finishing races

Download of galley guide

Galley Guide

Guide for those on duty in the galley on food

Download of duty information

OOD Guide

All the information you need to have a great day at being on duty as either Officer of the Day of Assistant.

Download of pursuit race starting

Pursuit Starting

Guide to starting a pursuit race including timings

Download of pursuit finishing

Pursuit Finishing

Guide to ending a pursuit race

Download of course setting

Setting courses

Information on setting courses with examples for different wind directions at Chelmarsh

Download of course setting

Setting courses - Suggestions

Suggestions of courses with the wind from different directions. Updated 2020.


Download of club and open dates

Chelmarsh Series Racing Dates

Club racing is running on a ‘fun basis’ with rabbit/gate starts for the foreseeable future, so not racing ‘dates’ for series applicable.


Download of SUP SOP

SUP Standard Operating Procedures

Information on SUP including safety and checks prior to SUPping.

Download of SUP FAQ


Frequently asked questions about SUP at Chelmarsh

Download of SUP FAQ

Risk Assessment specific to SUP

To be read in conjunction with on and off the water Risk Assessment. Updated Aug 2020

Download of SUP FAQ

SEAFUL Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS)

Risk assessment for the Seaful activities with children. You can read more about ‘seaful at CHelmarsh’ here, and about the charity here.


Download of OWS SOP

Open Water Swimming SOP

Read our Standard Operating Procedures for our latest venture: Open Water Swimming

Download of OWS SOP

Risk Assessment specific to OWS

Detailed risk assessment and control measures to reduce risk when Open Water Swimming

Download of OWS Survey

Survey Results (2021)

Find out how well we do for OWS through the collated survey results.

Documents to download

SUP OWS Racing
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