Everyone does a dutyEveryone does their duty at CSC!

Duties are organised via the ‘Dutyman’ system.  Each adult sailing member of the club is expected to do at least 1 duty each year. Members will receive an email with login details and reminders.  Swaps and confirmation of duties should be applied via the Dutyman system. Please contact our duty person if you have not received info or dates for the current year.  

Please ensure you arrive at least 45 minutes before duty time (see below) and all those on the water must dress appropriately in order to get into the water to support rescue, i.e. in sailing gear.

There are 3 types of duty: Officers Of the Day; Rescue; and Galley. All are important. Some information to help your duty day go smoothly is below. However, if in doubt… please ask or view our helpful guide.

Officers of the Day (OOD and AOD)

The OOD is an experienced racer and is are the lead officer, who sets the course and manages the days racing. As OOD, you are responsible for your ‘team’ (AOD, rescue & galley) arriving on time and being ready to start on time for the racing. In addition your duties include:

The following downloadable files should provide additional information. Please don't hesitate to contact the club, in particular the sailing captains, who will be able to help if you need any extra information or support.

OOD Guide

Setting courses

Course Suggestions

Pursuit Starting

Pursuit Finishing

Class Handicap Starting

Class Handicap Finishing

Flags and their Uses

Class/Handicap Racing Groups & Timings

Rescue Officers

To operate as the lead rescue officer you will need at least Level 2 Rescue training (see training pages on how to get this), or a Coastal Skipper qualification.   Occasionally experience will be sufficient.  You will also need the support of one other person.  It is your responsibility to save lives, not boats, in the event of a boat capsizing or a crew member ‘falling out’!  You will also need to ensure that the ‘jaffa’ is packed and locked away safely at the end of the day.


The galley duty is one that seems easy… provide food and refreshments for hungry sailors… but there is only a short window between races to eat, and the food needs to be ready on time.  Check the weather - will you need hot or just cold food? Remember many sailors don’t want much to eat if they are racing hard. Sandwiches are a good staple and sailors always want tea.  You will need to liaise in order to provide the correct quantities and types of foods. Our guide may help here: helpful guide.

Saturday duty times run from 12:00 till 17:00

Sunday duty times vary with race start times, but generally:

Winter duty times: 11:15 to 17:00;

Summer duties: 11:45 to 18:00.

Wednesday duties are managed by those sailing during the day.

Duty for Nightcap Pursuit Race:

19:00 to 20:30

Duty Information

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