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Chelmarsh Sailing Club can offer you a variety of different sailing classes, each organised into different fleets. Each class has its own Fleet Captain who can provide more in depth information about events, the boats themselves, race schedules and special events. The captains can offer help and guidance with your boat, tips and training information for both members and visitors.  Sailing at Chelmarsh can be as relaxed or as competitive as you wish and you will always have someone at your level to sail with.

At present we currently operate a range of fleets. Demand for the different fleets varies so it is always a good idea to contact the club for more information about what is available, as we do have a ‘menagerie’ fleet too!

RS Aero fleet in actionRS Aero fleet

A new(er) class of boat, light and agile with a number of different boat designs and weights for juniors, women and men.  Chelmarsh hosts Aero 7’s and Aero 9’s and has held the inlands this series for the past two years.

GP14 Fleet in actionGP14 fleet

Can be a one or two hander boat (meaning it requires 1 or 2 crew) and is suitable for novice and experienced sailors alike.  Great for learning and for flying a spinnaker.

Laser fleet in actionLaser fleet

A single hander boat. Suitable for all experience levels. Chelmarsh until recently had a recent Grand Master World Champion (Keith Wilkins) in this class in its fleet.  A range of sail sizes to suit different winds and sailors.

Solo fleet in actionSolo fleet

Another single hander suitable for all experience levels. Possibly our most popular class at the moment.

Junior fleet in actionJunior Fleet

For those younger sailors wishing to learn, sailing in either Laser Pico’s or Toppers.

Menagerie fleet in actionMenagerie fleet

A collection of boats from other classes not covered by the main fleets. Excellent for beginners and casual sailors.  Both away days and races are part of this fleet culture.

Supernova FleetSupernova fleet

The latest class to join Chelmarsh and there are two club member reviews, one from a proud owner, that can be downloaded here and here.

Find out what events each Class has going on this year, by clicking here.

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